Studio of Interdisciplinary Art Practice
Run by Zorka Wollny and Łukasz Jastrubczak - main coordinators of the project - at Department of Painting and New Media on the Academy of Art in Szczecin. They are also curators of the "Młode Wilki" Art Festival – adressed to emerging artists from Poland and neihbouring countries. For five years now the festival is bringing together young people interested in contemporary art for a three days of workshops, presentations, talks and exhibitions that takes place at the Art Academy in Szczecin. At the interdisciplinary studio they develop excercises that focus on collaborative practices and encourage students to reflect on the most crucial economical, political and social issues. 

BANSKA ST A NICA Contemporary (BSC) is the residential centre project realized by the group of professional artists, theoreticians and culture activists from the citizen’s association Štokovec, priestor pre kultúru / Štokovec, Space for Culture. Leaders of the centre are Zuzana Bodnárová (curator and culture manager) and Svätopluk Mikyta (visual artist). BSC is situated in the Central Slovakia, two hours by car from Bratislava (the capital of Slovakia), three hours by car from Košice and two hours by car from Budapest (the capital of Hungary).

BANSKÁ ST A NICA Contemporary is a part of still running railway station on the periphery of the historic town Banská Štiavnica listed in UNESCO World Heritage List.

The monumental structure of the railroad station in Banská Štiavnica is situated in the industrial section of town, at the periphery, far from the historical center entered in the UNESCO list. The 21 km local track at the end of which the architecture of the station stands, was built shortly after World War II within the framework of the collectivist efforts of young people who labored without any claim for remuneration, in the heat of the post-war construction euphoria. The structure of the station has undergone gradual decline in the past 20 years.
Through the Banská St a nica Contemporary project we bring new content to the space without suppressing the original. Contemporary art, various media, techniques in the creations of individuals and groups form another layer in the public station, utilitarian environment, where the purchasing of tickets and waiting for trains was the one and only activity. We are not pushy in promoting our strategies; we do not change the appearance of spaces, we do not invest time or money in their radical transformation into an art center. We are a cultural virus in the regional milieu, as another layer in the time axis whose intensity and duration are open.

Studio vvv
Department of Intermedia, Academy of Fine Arts and Design - Bratislava, Slovakia

The name of the Studio vvv (Visual. Verbal. Public. / Vizuálne. Verbálne. Verejné.) is a poetic abbreviation, an essence of its primary thought setting.

Working with the visual, in the wide range of various imaging techniques - from object, typography, digitally modified data and the web,… to video, performance or theater, is usually associated with the cultivation of the verbal, in its poetic and philosophical forms. From rap tracks to essays. We do consider all these means of expression necessarily to be a social (public) opinion.

We understand cultural practices as political apparatuses. We see them as mediums of commentary or a determined effort to change things in some cases.

We examine the fertile boundaries between arts and life. We are not afraid of honest questions, but we consider silence to be an attitude as well.

The word "public" in the title refers to the intention of the studio to focus on „the outside“. On practices, life, solidarity and care, vision and affirmation. We intend to perceive the educational institution as a "laboratory", a place to cultivate language and look for new dictionaries. Visual or verbal, but also in motion or sound.

We respect all non-harmful methods of research and practice, from loneliness to a dancing crowd. We read, speak, experiment with the media, cook, eat and think critically. We are looking for a space for collaboration in a safe, inclusive environment.


Studio vvv is a big fan of interdisciplinarity and collaborations. It is always beneficial for visual artists to meet intensively with performances, dance, music, film, or writing. Therefore, it is important for us to invite speakers from different cultural platforms. From organizers to rappers, from activists to performers. We also want to continue the long-term SOFT NORM lecture cycle, which includes theories and ideas of experts in the fields of social and natural sciences.

We are composting shared knowledge.

We are intoxicated with curiosity.

We search for intellectual euphoria.

We seek contemplative self-forgetfulness.

Head of Studio:
doc. Mgr. art. Martin Piaček, ArtD.

Mgr. art. Dávid Koronczi



Jan Siman
Gabriela Matuszewska
Mikołaj Bzowski
Sea Fur
Vojta Daniš
Jozef Pilát
Weru Špundová
Julia Frys
Natalia Keller
Iga Świeściak
Anežka Součková
Gosia Trajkowska
Kalina Łakomska
Zuzanna Sosnowska
Jan Baszak (photos by)
Svätopluk Mikyta
Martin Piaček
Zorka Wollny
Łukasz Jastrubczak